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Complete Snow Removal Service ~ Residential & Commercial
    From snow plowing residential driveways to snow removal and ice
    control of large commercial properties, Barefoot Lawns has a winter
    program to meet your needs. Both residential and commercial
    contracted customers are automatically serviced.
     You will never need to pick up the phone or the shovel again !
Lawn Cutting ~ Cutting of all grass areas, trimming, edging
    and blowing off all drives, walks and beds.

Spring Clean-up ~ Removal of leaves in yard and flower beds.
    Cutting back of any Perennials, stick pick up and
    hauling away of leaves.    (*Hourly charge and haul away charge)

Landscape & Renovation ~ Depending on the type of work
    anything is possible. For example - Reworking of any beds,
    cutting new beds, tree or shrub planting. Power washing
    and resealing of brick pavers and decks.
Mulching of beds
Bulbs Fall Service

Mulching of beds ~ Cutting a defined line around all beds
    and trees then applying mulch

Peatmoss (bed prep) ~ Applying peatmoss or similar product
    to all flower beds and pots.

Hedging - Trimming ~ Pruning of bushes, shrubs and trees
    once or twice a year. Mid June and late August.

Annual & Perennial Planting ~ Planting any type of flowers
    or perennials that the homeowners want.
    (*Hourly charge and charge per flat)

Bulbs - Fall service ~ Planting any type of bulbs homeowners want.
    (*Hourly charge plus price of bulbs)

Fall Clean-up ~ Same as spring clean up with 2 or 3 possible visits.

Halloween Displays ~ Decorative displays for porch areas or
    front yards. Haybails, gourds, corn stalks and pumpkins

    (*Hourly charge plus price of lights etc.)
Halloween lights

Christmas Lighting ~ Putting up and taking down of lights or
    displays for Christmas.    (*Hourly charge plus price of lights etc.)

Christmas lightsChristmas lightsChristmas lightsChristmas lights

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